Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Exercise And Fitness

ByIsaac S Tallie

One of the keys to living a healthy life is exercise. Walking or early mornings running increases brainwave activity. Pollution in the air around 5:00 am is low therefore you will receive a cleaner source of oxygen in the morning then in the afternoon. Some people believe that you have to train 5 to 7days a week to stay in shape and technically that's not true.

You can train 1 or 2 day(s) out of the week, go for walks, take care of chores or job duties, and all that stuff is a weeks worth of exercise. Now, that may not get you prepared for the olympics, but you will feel healthier in your heart and mind. There has been times I used multiple techniques to stay in shape without training more than twice a week. For example, say if you went on a one or two mile run on Monday, you don't have to train again until that following Monday. Training one day a week lets your body know your not lazy. Instead of allowing one or two days of rest and let your body, mind, and heart circulation build in a short period of time before your next workout. You will have six days to let your muscles build from a one day a week workout.

A friend asked me a couple of years back, around winter 2009, he said, "Isaac you still run?", and I said to him "once a month during the winter" (approximately), He started laughing at me, saying, "that's all, just once a month that ain't much". So I began to explain to him in the winter my training consists of cardio indoors once a week, running once a month, and weight training 1 to 4 days a month, which is a total of 5 or 6 days spread out throughout a month. Once I explained he then complimented me on my training technique. Trying these training tips mentioned in this article will keep your mind, and body in good physical conditioning.

Please take time off from exercise when your body feels tired, a week or two now and then doesn't hurt. If you use these techniques I've explained to you throughout the year, and spring and summer comes around you will already have a head start to fit into your swimsuit with curves if your a woman, or to show off your physical conditioning for the gentlemen. Remember to exercise smart, eat right, and power up for an healthy life.

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