Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How To Increase Weight Easily

If you are one of those who are perpetually thin throughout your life, you must be wondering why is it that there are so many people who can get fat easily while it is so difficult for you to do so. On one hand you are desperately trying to gain weight while on the other hand, there are so many people who want to lose it..

Of course you do understand that in order to gain weight healthily, you need to consume more good calories than what your body uses up for energy and at the same time take up weight lifting to put on muscle weight. However, that will mean a lot of effort on your part and yet the progress will be slow. You want to put on weight as quickly and as easily as possible. Whether the methods are healthy or not is not on the uppermost part of your mind.

So with that being the case, here are some easy ways in which you can gain weight by increasing your body fat. I do not advocate this approach as the methods can be rather unhealthy.

Sleep Deprivation - By depriving yourself of sleep, you are increasing the stress on your body forcing your body to produce more fat storing hormones such as cortisol. Furthermore, the longer you keep awake, the more time you will have to eat more foods such as late night suppers.