Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Benefits of Digestive Enzymes That You Should Be Aware Of

If you aren't taking digestive enzyme supplements yet, it is probably because you have very little (or none at all) idea of the benefits of digestive enzymes. The things that are usually taught in school are about vitamins and minerals. You've learned so much about the different kinds of vitamins, how and where to outsource them, and how your body can make the most of them. But you might not have known one very important thing, that is that these vitamins and minerals you have come to know as essential to good health, need enzymes to power them up. Without enzymes, these vitamins and minerals would have very little value.

The digestive system also needs enzymes for it to function properly. To thoroughly digest food, the digestive system requires sufficient digestive enzymes. Complete digestion of foods is one of the most important benefits of digestive enzymes, and one that appears to hold the key to good health. It's like this - when the food is not thoroughly digested, the undigested food, along with the toxins it comes with, stays in your body. Not only does this add to your weight problems, it also burdens your digestive system unnecessarily. Your pancreas has to double the work it normally does to try to get rid of the extra burden, and overworking your pancreas will have serious consequences on your blood sugar levels and general well being. Indigestion makes you feel heavy and uncomfortable. It can cause diarrhea, too, or constipation. Eventually, the undigested food clogs the colon, and there is going to be a new wave of problems for you to deal with.

Digestive enzymes can be found richly in papaya, pineapple, raw (organic) honey, and goat's milk. Raw vegetables contain a number of enzymes, too. Papaya, specifically, has Papain, an enzyme that is necessary to break down protein. Its leaves have plenty of enzymes, too, and can, with the flesh, be turned into a delicious juice drink. Eating papaya with a high-protein meal is highly recommended. Pineapple, meanwhile has Bromelain, an enzyme that, like Papain, helps in the digestion of proteins. If you are having chicken and meat for lunch, eating fresh pineapples for dessert reduces the impact of these foods on your tummy. Raw, organic honey has enzymes needed for carbohydrate digestion, while goat's milk has lipase, an enzyme needed to metabolize fat. It is very important that you eat these foods in their raw state, however, if you want to make the most of them. Cooking them in any way destroys the enzymes and renders them useless.

Another way you can increase your digestive enzymes is through digestive enzyme supplements. Yes, there are lots of these now available for public consumption. However, you need to choose carefully as many do not contain enzymes in the recommended strength. You must look for a high quality supplement, preferably one from an established company, and you also have to make sure that the strength of each enzyme present is properly indicated.

Don't these benefits of digestive enzymes sound convincing enough for you to shop for a digestive enzyme supplement?

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