Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thailand: Leading Asia In The Medical Tourism Market

ByJaipal Singh Deshwal

Crossing borders for specialized and cost-effective medical treatments and procedures is fast catching up as a trend. More than a trend, it's a great necessity that makes it possible for patients to gain their health back without having to break the bank. Pushing other nations down the list, Thailand has been steadily stepping up the ladder to become one of the top medical tourism centers in the world. The number of patients visiting Thailand has been increasing by each year since the year 2000. Apart from the low-cost of medical treatment in this country, there are several other factors like high quality treatments and great tourism infrastructure that ensure that Thailand keeps dominating this growing market. Patients from around the world book cheap flights to Thailand to avail the exception health care benefits offered by its health care systems.

Thailand boasts of having close to 400 hospitals and health centers that treats thousands of international patients each year. Home to the first Asian hospital to receive JCI accreditation and ISO 9001 certification, this country has more than 14 hospitals today that are JCI-accredited. It's the private hospitals that rule the roost in the country and attracts a major portion of the best trained surgeons and doctors by paying them about 70% more than the public hospitals. Some of the leading private sector hospitals in the country include Bangkok Hospital Group, Bumrungrad International Hospital and Samitivej Hospitals. These world class hospitals mostly cater to foreign patients as native people find them to be too expensive. However, the medical cost of treatments in the country is very cost effective for patients from the western world as the similar treatments are available in their native countries at exorbitant prices.

Thailand offers a comprehensive list of medical treatments and surgeries for both international patients and the locals, including cosmetic surgeries, dental procedures, medical check-up programs, cardiac procedures orthopedic surgery, infertility treatment, bariatric surgery and ophthalmology and eye surgery. A comparison chart of the cost of these treatments and surgeries in Thailand and United States reiterates the reasons behind growing popularity of Thailand as one of the top medical tourism destination. Take heart bypass surgery as example. While this procedure is available in United States for $130,000, one just needs to shell out $11,000 for the same treatment in Thailand. The price difference is huge and even patients who can't afford the same in their own country can lead a healthy life after undergoing the surgery in Thailand. It's no surprise that cheap flights to Thailand are forever in high demand, be it any season of the year!

Low cost of medical treatments, high quality health care services and world class tourism infrastructure ensures that demand for cheap flights to Thailand keeps soaring with each year. Make Thailand your preferred medical tourism destination and reap the benefits!

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