Friday, September 23, 2011

Men's Hair Removal - New or No?

ByTamera L Robinson

Yesterday I had a male client say something I've heard time and again. "I suppose you don't get many men, getting waxed huh?" I told him the vast majority of my clients are men. His response, "Well it's not very manly". A this point, I was thinking, it depends on where, and how much hair is removed, more so, popular, public opinion of the day.

This got me to thinking. I mean, I hear this ALL the time. There is this mistaken perception, that men's hair removal is new. I would bet men have been removing hair longer than women, and certainly so in Europe. We know in Europe, many women keep their body hair, and it's thought to be sexy. We also know that waxing in it's modern form is said to be imported from Europe.

So, let's take a look at early Greek statues. The detail is amazing. Oh, and did you notice that the only hair, is perfectly coiffed, in both the head/face, and pubic regions? The rest of the body, has no hair. It was considered to be more flattering, to have the hair removed.

Okay then, let's say it's a new thing here in the U.S. We'll look at the physical fitness industry... oh... say... Bert Goodrich. The first Mr. America in 1938. I'm pretty sure, nobody walked up to him, and told him, he wasn't manly. You can tell, he has very little body hair. One can assume, with a certain level of confidence, his hair has been intentionally removed, for appearance. Not a feminine appearance either!

In the late 1980's to early 1990's, I was involved in body building. During that period of time, there were a number of chemical hair removers available over the counter, with which I was familiar. I'm sure there were other methods, of which I'm not familiar. The point is... It was a given, that body hair would be removed, to enhance the visibility of the muscle, for better judging. The attire was also kept to a minimum, again, so muscle could be more clearly seen for judging.

Today; MEN, may mock men who wax, or otherwise remove body hair to be more appealing, but I assure you, women do not. Look at any sex symbol today, he's waxed! Take a look at an image of David Beckham. Notice the hair at the belly button, yet, none on the chest... waxed! I must say, even the iconic manly man, Harrison Ford, got his chest waxed for Global Warming (Ford on deforestation - "Every bit of rain forest that gets ripped out over there, really hurts us over here.") in 2008.

Coming into the homestretch of this thought train... Honestly; I don't know if any of these folks use wax to remove hair. I can't even say for sure they have hair removed. Maybe every hottie on film, in ads, or in pics, comes from a long line of hairless humans. Who knows!? Regardless; today, men having hair removed is considered sexy. Does it really matter how they did it?

The important thing is... New or no, men's waxing, is here to stay. Don't be intimidated by other men, who are insecure in their manhood, and feel the need to demean others. If you, or your partner, think it could be sexy; DUDE, spice it up! Get it waxed! Whatever IT is.

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